Travel Assistance

Assistance Services

From natural disasters to lost passports, there are many events that can turn a fantastic trip into a disastrous one. Whether you're dealing with a cancelled flight, lost luggage, or a medical emergency, our services are designed to provide fast, effective solutions.

Pre-Trip Services

    Passport and visa requirements, including information on how to obtain these documents.


    Travel advisories


    Foreign currency exchange rates


    Inoculation and immunization requirements


    Temperature and weather conditions


    Address and telephone number of the nearest consulate or embassy


    Cultural and other events

During Trip Services

    Access to medical providers


    Medical transfers (in-country)


    Medical evacuation & repatriation


    Repatriation of remains


    Medical monitoring


    Eyeglasses replacement


    Medications replacement


    Lost luggage


    Legal assistance abroad

Concierge Services

    Travel reservation services

    Destination profiles

    Message service

    Language services

    Event ticketing

    Floral services

    Hotel accommodations

    Restaurant referrals and reservations